Cheese Making Day

Have you ever wondered how cheese is made?  This special opportunity may be just what you are looking for.  Visit the farm this summer for 2-3 hours to learn how cheese is made.  The day begins where we will take you through a demonstration of the process for one of the easiest goat milk cheeses to make, chevere! After that, you will participate in a hands on experience in making your very own take home farmers cheese as well as learn about Cajeta, a sweet pourable caramel that pairs great with coffee, yogurt or even waffles. If there is enough time we will demonstrate the process of making fresh mozzarella and even get to sample some.  There is nothing quite like fresh mozzarella!   As we wrap up our cheese you will get to add spices and flavor some chevere to take home along with your farmers cheese and written instructions on everything you learned during the class.  There will be light refreshments as well.  The day will end with us showing you how we hand milk our goats as well as spend some up close time with the herd. *This event will differ from our usual "private event" format and will be held as a group class.  The class will be held outdoors and in the event of rain a new date will be chosen. **1 ticket per person required. Recommended for ages 12 & up**